Monday, July 22, 2013

Where have I been?

I must apologize!  I haven't written a word on this blog in months.

I cannot say that I had nothing to say, because I've had plenty..

I've talked nonstop I do believe for a few days this year..LOL

The year started out slow.  I was sick over Christmas and then again in January.  I had a couple sinus infections.  I also ended up with what felt like the flu.  I was weak and had an awful pain in my back that felt like I was knocking at deaths door.  It was horrible.  I could barely move for five days.  I was just sore all over and only had energy to do the absolute bare minimum each day.  I remember thinking, are my kidneys failing? Crazy.  I know, I am dramatic in my thinking, writing, and speech at times, but I felt that bad.  It started suddenly like the flu does, swift and painful, just waiting to take you down - HARD.

So far, we've had a great year.  We were busy, but as always, I am grateful.

We watched The Bible on the History Channel.  I must say we enjoyed the beautiful unfolding of The Bible each week.  The stories, the people, Jesus, Salvation, all told like it's never been told before.  For us, it was absolutely wonderful.  The ultimate was Jesus on the Cross, taking on the sins of God's children.  Again, I cannot say enough that the story was told like never before.  I've had the pleasure of watching many stories of the bible, but none quite like The Bible. 

It was a great family experience being able to share knowledge and thoughts.  Also, with it fresh on my mind, I was able to relate to the Old Testament as I read through Judges and Joshua.  I was not expecting to love this series, but I did.  We all did and I thought - God knew!  Even if I don't know, He knows.  I love that about Him!

We spent Easter at my Parents' House like always!  It was so good to relax and think about the goodness of God.  He has given us so much!  I feel so  unworthy at times because He didn't have to do what He did.  As I grow in my faith, I am just thankful.  I sometimes feel so overwhelmed at the thought of Him and His goodness!  AMEN!

Well fast forward to the month of May.

We had Honor's Day, Field Trips, Mother's Day, and not to mention Graduation.  We also had Spring Concerts!

Our Church's Spring Musical - Awestruck - was absolutely amazing!  God was with us as we praised and worshipped Him!  I've never felt such pure joy in my entire life!  I was in awe of Him and felt so honored to give praise!  I never imagined the depths and heights of joy through praise..

Orbit was in full swing and the kids were awesome as they presented Jonah!  There's joy and hope when children praise the Lord.  It's so pure and unashamed...Oh to worship everyday without any pretense, just you with your God!

My nephew graduated from high school so we traveled to be with family and celebrate such a joyous occasion.  We broke bread and celebrated the hope of a future.

Fast forward to July 4th!  I decided to try staying home this year and start traditions here.  We had a great day.  We should focus more on the celebration of Independence.  We wore our shirts and discussed the story of America and how we came to be.  We had traditional burgers and hot dogs hot off the grill!  I think we need to be part of community experiences so next year, we'll look for other activities!

I have definitely been away.  I am feeling so much better just thinking about the Blog and all the things I have to say!  I am thinking more about what God has to say and how I can share with all of you!

Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven (Matthew 10:32 NIV)


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