Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sometimes you need to make a little change!

I think back to my 20s and even 30s when I would spend time at the gym!  I loved step aerobics and just hanging out with friends!  Being at the gym was some of the best times of my life!!!  I cannot tell you how happy my heart is when I think or speak of those days.  And when I see someone from the gym, you know the friend you made that you haven't seen in years, the one who stood beside you every week, the one who had your back... I'm there all over again!  I really miss those days. 

Life changed and I couldn't do the gym thing anymore.  I had a family and we needed to spend time together.  Then I had the pain, injuries, and surgeries.  So much changed.  I was so tired and just felt really down.  I had no energy, no get up and go.  There was nothing in me to get me over this feeling of blah, blah, blah.  I had gained and lost weight.  I was not able to consistently work out.  Something wasn't right.

It hurt and I felt like giving up.  My doctor visits all showed that everything was okay, with the exception of few things, and really there was no reason why I didn't have energy or any get up and go about me.  It was all so unexplainable that it was irritating.  I would see people everyday saying they were tired and they seemed fine to me.  I on the other hand was not.  Then I started realizing that I'm not alone.  I speak to people who are tired every single day!

And all I want is to share with them my greens and how much my life has changed!  I've never been big on any supplements and here I am on this wrap journey, all about the greens! 

It's been about two months now and I cannot stop talking about how great I feel and how much more energy I have now that I'm getting nutrients, my 8 fruits/veggies and so much more!!  This has been life changing for me! 

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