Sunday, January 25, 2015

90 Day Challenge - Week 3

What can I say, it's been about three weeks now since I've been using all my products and I'm doing great!!
Every morning I drink my greens.  Occasionally I'll have one in the afternoon, depending on our family schedule.  I love the natural boost of energy I get from my greens.  I also take my Core vitamins each morning.  I feel absolutely wonderful each and every day.  I've noticed since drinking the greens that I haven't been sick or if I feel a little bad, I quickly recover.  I know this is due to the nutrients I'm getting.  This has truly been a no brainer for the woman who doesn't like to eat her veggies.
My evening routine includes my Regular.  I take anywhere from 1-2 each night.  The Regular has been really helpful for me in that it does exactly what it says. 
I love the products and cannot wait to see more changes in my life. 
                                                                                                Jennifer Edwards
                                                                                                On this Wrap Journey

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