Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Praying for peace

It's August Again!

I know it's a good thing to be here with family and friends.  It's just hard.  August is such a hard month because that's when Daddy died.  I can't seem to get that out of my mind.  No matter how hard I try not to think about losing him, I do.

It lies beneath the surface of it all.  In the pressure, in the stress, in the laughter, in the mirror, in my every day life, it's just there.

So every year that school starts, I'm thinking it's another year without him.  I'm thinking about laughing and talking with him.  I'm thinking about him telling me to stop worrying.  I'm thinking about the last time that I saw him or heard his voice.  I'm trying to make sure that I remember, because sometimes I wonder if I'll forget.

I cry a lot in August.  I laugh a lot too!

I've come to accept this new normal.  This life I live without him...but I miss him so much.

And so today, I pray.  I pray for peace and comfort for everyone of us who's experienced this heartache.  My prayer is for us to lift our heads up and know that as we go on, we take them with us. I pray that we know that there is hope in our Savior.


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