Sunday, March 23, 2014

Prayers - Worship

The first time I heard Rochelle Frazier speak, she spoke about a time on retreat where she let go and worshipped God!  I heard shawl, dance, praise - I was fascinated, wondering what that looks like. 

Several years ago I was looking for a church home and asked my friends, the Sanders, why they chose their church.  And they answered that worship was a big part of their choice.

Last year our church had a great service - Awestruck.  Leading up to that night, I wondered how that would be for me... It was a time of worship like never before!  I experienced pure JOY!!

My cousin Courtney is the Worship Leader at her church.  She can sang! All her life she's been singing for the Lord.

My heart is full today as I think of what freedom in worship would be like for us all.  I can just see us praising and worshipping our God with love!  If every church in every nation praised Him in worship with an abundance of love - what would it look like?  I tell you it would be PURE JOY!!!

Dear God!  I praise your name!  I am so excited just thinking of YOU!! God my prayer today is that we worship you in spirit and in truth.  Lord, I pray that we call out your name, that we raise our hands, and that we humble our hearts!  Lord, I pray that we bring all that we are!

In Jesus' name.  Amen.


Lift up your hands in the holy place and praise the LORD! Psalms 134:2 HCSB

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